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Product Management

All of the benefits of an in-house product manager to see through the release of your album, single, or tour. We will be the hub for all marketing aspects of the campaign including putting together marketing strategies, timelines and budgets.

Services can include:

  • developing and executing album release marketing plans

  • coordinating all departments and 3rd party providers (radio promotion, publicity, licensing & publishing, video production, merchandising etc.)

  • helping to create and manage M&P budgets

  • overseeing advertising and collateral creative process

  • coordinating artist appearances

  • hiring and managing independent companies to facilitate marketing/promotional efforts

  • securing strategic marketing placements and opportunities with outside corporate and entertainment partners

  • helping to develop bonus content and material with artists, label and management for sales and promotional uses

  • developing and maintaining artist calendars and schedules

  • consistently analyzing results of marketing efforts and any contextual market conditions