CLiC Entertainment, the new wave of music, brand + cause marketing


CLiC Entertainment was established by Civia Caroline, a 15 year music industry professional with experience in both artist management and marketing.

Civia began her career working at a small record label with a then largely unknown band called Maroon 5. Over the next five years she oversaw all of the marketing on their first album and through the release of their second. Along the way she worked with many other established and developing acts and built a foundation of experience and contacts that has moved her through the industry for the last dozen + years. She worked on the management team for Jason Mraz, coordinating and managing all marketing initiatives around his album and tour. She also helped develop and run the Jason Mraz Foundation, Mraz’s fund to support initiatives that deal with equality, environment and education.

In addition to her love for music and all things marketing, she is passionate about the Jewish community and Israel, in particular. She’s determined to show the world that Israel is more than just conflict and what they see in the media. There is a rich culture and amazing talent being developed there and she loves working with Israeli artists and building a bridge between the Israeli and US music industries.